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Your home’s exterior is its first impression on everyone who walks by or enters the door. Why not make it a good one? Curb appeal is important, and when something as simple as a new paint job can pack an incredibly dramatic, powerful punch—well, the decision is easy.

A Fresh coat of paint is a terrific way to give your home a facelift. It repels weather, protects and adds curb appeal.  Exterior painting can go a long way toward giving your home a whole new look while also keeping it well protected from the elements.  We have been painting properties for many years and pay meticulous attention to details, treating each home as if it was our own.  


Exterior Painting Contractors


why wertan projects?

  • Are you looking to have a project professionally done?
  • Have you had bad experiences previously?
  • You want to save money by doing the job right - first time?
  • You dont have time so you need to trust your contractor?
  • Experienced and supervised painters
  • Thorough Preparation
  • References Readily available

our suppliers

  • We take great pride in our work and our aim is to ensure that we always meet the highest standards. At Wertan Projects, we only use quality products & materials, backed byour suppliers and the guarantees that they provide on certains products. Different applications require the use of different products – with our experience, you can be assured that we will use the correct product for the surface and conditions. We only use quality products, and trusted brands such as: Plascon, Dulux, etc.  We have a good relationship with our product suppliers who are and we do have access to these companies technical departments to ensure that we give our customers the best advice on problem areas.

product & product handling

Wertan Projects shall provide all materials, labor, hand tools, equipment (including safety equipment) and supervision necessary to prepare and complete this project.  The necessary measurements will be taken prior to ordering materials or laying out the work.  Paint will be delivered on the site in unopened containers which bears the manufacture’s name and product description.

color consultations

The customer will be supplied with color charts.  A sample of the chosen color will be painted and only once you are completely satisfied will the final batch be mixed and purchased. Color correctness to be agreed upon in advance by both client and Wertan Projects. No application of paint will be commenced until surface is in proper conditions

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We typically charge per square metre. However, every job is unique. Call us now to find out more and get your free quote or consultation.

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Exterior Painting Contractors

Exterior painting process

A paint job will not last if proper pre-paint preparation techniques are not used.  Things like silicone, wax, polish, grease and dirt will prevent the paint from adhering properly.  Things might look okay for a short while, but when bad weather arrives, it becomes apparent that pre-paint preparation was sloppy.  Before new paint can be applied, its important that all dirt and grime, mold and mildew and chalking or peeling paint be removed.  This is important whether the painting is in the interior or the exterior of a property.  We  don't compromise on preparation or quality products.  In all our quotations we specify the products we will be using.  This practice protects customers against the practice in the industry to quote on a high quality expensive product but using a different cheaper inferior product.

The painting preparation step is the most important task with any painting project.  The key to a good looking and long lasting paint job is the preparation which often takes more time than the painting itself does; in fact, painting preparation can make up 75 % of the project.  The most expensive paint, the best painting technique and the finest brush can't compensate for poor surface preparation.

We utilize a 5-step that guarantees the best results each and every time we take on an exterior painting project.  These steps includes:

Step 1 (Set up)

The first step in the process involves cleaning the dirt and mildew from your home’s exterior.  This step may involve hand washing, power washing or a combination of both (depends on the condition of the wall). Damp proofing problems will be address at this stage. (view our damp proofing website here .....)  Color consultation will be done

Step 4 (Painting)

Painting of:

Window Frames

Step 2 (Prep work)

After the dirt and mildew has been removed, we scrap away all of the loose paint and sand off glossy or peeling surfaces.  We repair all cracks and imperfections.  Dovetail cracks >1mm and we caulk all gaps to prevent water or air intrusion from occurring.

Step 5 (Clean up)

Since most exterior painting projects takes more that one day to complete, we make certain to cleanup the area at the end of each work day as well as once the project has been completed.  This includes removing all paint chips and packing up and storing our materials neatly.

step 3 (Primer)

Next, we prime the complete house or only the areas that needs it.  

This is a necessary step before applying the new coat of paint.

step 6 (inspection)

Finally, once the job is completed, we inspect our work and then invite you to inspect it as well.  This way, we can be certain your completely satisfied with our work.  At Wertan, our goal is to provide you with a high quality, reliable and professional paint service each and every time you call upon us for your exterior painting needs.

exterior painting contractors